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FACE ROLLER Active anti-aging concentrate to microneedle mesotherapy

  • pojemność: 5 ampoules e 5ml/0,17fl.oz.
  • obszar: face
  • rodzaj skóry: mature skin
  • działanie: increased skin elasticity, firmness and density, shallower wrinkles and furrows, face remodelling
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Professional preparation intended for facial micro-needle mesotherapy.



  • mature skin, with visible signs of ageing, loss of skin firmness and elasticity, decreased skin density, shallow and deep wrinkles, dry skin.



  • irritated and inflamed skin, allergic reactions and allergy to ingredients of the preparation. In the case of micro-needle mesotherapy (dermaroller, dermapen) take into account contraindications with respect to skin micro-needling.



  • stimulated circulation,
  • increased skin elasticity,
  • firmness and density,
  • shallower wrinkles and furrows, f
  • ace remodelling, regeneration, rejuvenation, hydration, oxygenation,
  • improved skin colour and condition.


*effects confirmed after application of concentrate in micro-needle mesotherapy treatment.


Application: remove make-up from face, neck and décolleté area with the use of Micellar water from PURE ICON series, apply tonic to the skin. Put on gloves before the treatment. Disinfect the skin subjected to treatment with a preparation for disinfecting skin, mucous membranes and wounds. Apply a thin layer of concentrate on skin. One vial (5 ml) is recommended for one treatment. Proceed to micro-needling; comply with the principles of work with dermaroller. Observe skin reactions on an ongoing basis. After the micro-needling, disinfect the skin and massage the remnants of the concentrate in. Subsequently, apply Soothing and strengthening mask from the DERMACOS series. The treatment may cause swelling and redness which may last for several hours after the procedure, depending on the individual sensitivity and type of skin.

The preparation may be applied in micro-needle mesotherapy (dermaroller, dermapen), ultrasounds, after treatments with the use of RF and for traditional manual application.

Single-use vials, use immediately after opening.


Active ingredients:


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