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For professional home face care

NEUROLIFT+ Lifting emulsion spf 15

  • pojemność: e50ml/1,69 fl.oz.
  • obszar: face
  • rodzaj skóry: mature skin with clear signs of reduced density
  • działanie: filling in of wrinkles, inhibiting wrinkle formation and deepening processes
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A specialist multi-task emulsion for intense care of mature skin with clear signs of reduced density, clearly marked wrinkles and the loss of firmness and tension.

Based on solutions inspired by experience in the area of aesthetic medicine emulsion constitutes a unique combination of technologically-advanced new-generation active ingredients with a wide and verified range of activity.


Triple effect:

  • lifting - visible, multilayer skin smoothing;
  • firming - reinforcement of skin support structures, stimulation of collagen production and protection from collagen degradation;
  • anti-wrinkle - filling in of wrinkles, inhibiting wrinkle formation and deepening processes.

After cleansing, apply a small amount of the emulsion on the face, neck and neckline, avoiding the eyes. Use every day in the morning.


  • NEUROPEPTIDE - a new-generation neuro-active peptide, reducing muscle contractions which lead to mimic wrinkles. Efficiently hinders the process of wrinkle appearance and deepening.
  • LIFTING 4D - special polymers forming a three-dimensional tissue which gives an immediate, visible and perceptible lifting effect. By reinforcing support structures on every skin level, it improves the skin contour, tension and flexibility.
  • HYDROXYPROLISILANE CN® - a combination of silicon with hydroxyproline intensely regenerates skin, influences the regeneration and cyto-stimulation of cells, stimulates fibroblast synthesis and visibly smooths skin structure.


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