Podologic Herbal

Feet scrub

  • pojemność: 500 ml
  • obszar: foot
  • rodzaj skóry: very dry and excessively corny
  • działanie: exfoliates, smoothens, softens
  • wiek: without limits
  • Opis
  • Sposób użycia
  • Składniki

Indication: very dry and excessively corny foot skin.

Effect: effectively exfoliates the cornifed epidermis and smoothens. Stimulates blood circulation of the foot skin. Prepares for the podologic treatment or pedicure. Improves absorption of the active skin care ingredients. Leaves the skin velvet smooth and soft.

After foot bath, apply the appropriate amount of the preparation. Perform foot peeling, the rinse with warm water and dry. Also recommended for knee peeling.

Active ingredients:

  • natural essential eucalyptus and pine oils
  • wheat bran extract
  • lactic acid

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