Deep cleansing
Body scrubs

Peeling is a prelude to body treatment. It exfoliates dead epidermis, increasing the absorption of active ingredients into its deeper layers. Improves skin firmness and cohesion. Supports lipo-reduction processes. It moisturises, nourishes and optimally oils the skin. Its role is also to stimulate blood microcirculation, to oxidise and energise the skin.

In their professional body peels FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory included sugar and salt crystals, rice, bamboo particles, strawberry seeds, poppy seeds, rice oil, cherry extract, almond oil, ginger extract, Aloe vera, cinnamon bark, coconut oil, vitamin E, Shea butter, beeswax, peeling particles from macadamia nut shells, and grated orange peel. Thanks to these ingredients, the products effectively even the skin surface, restoring its silky smoothness and gentleness.