For body massage

Touch is one of the main human senses. Nowadays, with visual and aural perception being omnipresent, and often aggressive, we do not pay enough attention to touch, ignoring its immense significance, whereas in reality it provides comfort when the body or soul is in pain. It gives strength, combats fear, and warms us up when it’s cold. Touch enables close contact with other people in a world full of barriers and rights to one’s own space.

Massage originated from the discovery of the magic power of touch, and provides it with a therapeutic purpose. Combined with the richness of the natural active ingredients contained in specially developed products, massage stimulates the circulation, restores elasticity to stiff joints, relaxes excessively tense muscles, provides firmness and rejuvenation of the skin, cleanses away toxins, and demonstrates a positive effect on digestive tract or urinary-genital tract disorders. Thanks to massage, people with chronic diseases can rid themselves of pain, while regular treatments often contribute to complete recovery. During a massage, the emotional energy collected in muscular tension is released, which helps to stabilise the nervous system, restoring inner peace, optimism, cheerfulness, joy of life and the energy to act.