For make-up removal and cleansing

The aim of the products in this category is to precisely cleanse the skin and ensure ideal conditions for cosmetic treatments.

The CRYSTAL CLEANSING line, rich in algae extracts, mountain crystal, Canola oil, Jojoba oil, soapwort extract, water lily extract, Aloe vera extract, D-panthenol and Inulin, is intended for all skin types, especially dry and very dry skin. It also quickly and effectively removes waterproof eye and lip makeup, without irritating sensitive skin. It leaves the skin perfectly clean, hydrated, without any unpleasant feeling of tightness.

The NATURE TREASURES line of makeup removers are designed for combination, oily problematic complexions, as well as for skin with impurities. Therapeutic mud extract, rice oil, Aloe vera extract, lemon balm extract, D-panthenol, allantoin and Inulin perfectly remove makeup and sebum excess, soothing irritations and redness. They leave the skin fresh and matt.

An innovative product in the YOUTHFUL EXPLOSION line adds a new dimension to makeup removal. It can be used with every skin type, especially mature skin. The argan oil, amber extract and almond oil in Magic Hydrophilic Oil gently cleanse the skin and help to rebuild its hydrolipid mantle. They restore lustre and beautiful colour, leaving the skin silky smooth.

The specialised enzymatic peeling products in the DERMACOS line provide gentle and effective cleansing of sensitive and capillary skin. Skin preparation for cosmetic treatments has never been so quick, precise and pleasant.