Saturation with the richness of active ingredients
Body masks

The professional serum and body masks by FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory are the essence of any cosmetic treatment. They are a rich source of passion fruit extract, cherry extract, Hydromanil®, microcollagen, Centella asiatica, gingko biloba, ginger Kigelia africana extract, strawberry extract, guarana extract, vitamin E and C, honey extract, D-panthenol, Aloe vera, Indian lotus, liquorice, cinnamon bark, LIPOREDUCTYL® complex including: GHK tripeptide, l-carnitine, caffeine, ivy extract, and Ruscus extract. These products stimulate lipolysis and inhibit lipogenesis, reducing fatty tissue and cellulite. They stimulate collagen production, improve firmness, participate in the skin regenerative processes, and remodel the silhouette.