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For professional home face care

ANTI A.G.E. GLYCATION youth extending cream

  • pojemność: e 50 ml | 1,69 fl.oz.
  • obszar: face
  • rodzaj skóry: all types of mature skin
  • działanie: anti-aging, soothing, moisturizing
  • wiek:
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Advanced day cream, thanks to the concentrated form of active ingredients, it ensures multi-directional effects, spectacularly reducing the effects of glycation of skin support fibres. Guarantees intense protection from glyco-related skin ageing and minimises the signs of the passing time.



 - ANTI-AGEING - slows down the formation process of advanced glycation end products (A.G.E.), counteracts degradation of collagen and elastin fibres, improves skin appearance and minimises the signs of internal skin ageing.

 - SMOOTHING - intensely smoothes the skin, visibly reduces the length and the depth of first wrinkles, ensures satin-like smoothness.

 - HYDRATING - guarantees multi-level, intelligent hydration of the skin which persists up to 72 hours, regulates loss of water from the skin in various temperatures and humidity.

Massage a small amount into the cleansed face, neck and cleavage, without forgetting the eye area. Apply daily for the night. The silky consistency of the serum allows for a short massage.

Active ingredients:


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