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For professional home face care

NEUROLIFT+ Anti-wrinkle regenerating cream

  • pojemność: e50ml/1,69 fl.oz.
  • obszar: face
  • rodzaj skóry: mature skin with marked signs of reduced density, visible wrinkles
  • działanie: reduction of mimic wrinkle, improves firmness and flexibility
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A specialist night-time anti-wrinkle treatment with a strong regenerating effect, intended for intense care of mature skin with marked signs of reduced density, visible wrinkles and  loss of firmness and tension.


Triple effect:

  • anti-wrinkle - filling in of wrinkles, reduction of mimic wrinkle depth caused by contractions of face muscles, inhibiting wrinkle formation and deepening processes;
  • stretching - visible skin stretching and firming;
  • regenerating - reconstruction of skin support structures by activating collagen and elastin production, which improves firmness and flexibility.

After cleansing, apply a small amount of cream on the face, neck and neckline, avoiding the eyes. Use every day in the evening.



  • NEUROPEPTIDE - a new-generation neuro-active peptide, reducing muscle contractions which lead to formation of mimic wrinkles. Efficiently hinders the process of wrinkle appearance and deepening.
  • HYALURON INTENSE SYSTEM - a specially selected composition of large, medium and small particle hyaluronic acid with multilayer hydrating and skin firming effects.
  • PHYTOSTEROL COMPLEX - phytosterol complex which intensely firms and regenerates the skin, increasing its density and resilience.

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