Facial masks

Peel-off lifting mask DRAGON'S BLOOD + HPCSys

  • pojemność: 150 ml
  • obszar: face, neck, cleavage
  • rodzaj skóry: skin with loss of firmness
  • działanie: regenerates, strengthens, firms
  • wiek: without limits
  • Opis
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Indication: skin with loss of firmness – face, neck and cleavage.

Effect: the unique ingredient, Dragon's Blood juice, deeply regenerates the epidermis, strengthens the cells and stimulates their regeneration. Bio-silicon restores skin firmness, density and suppleness. Pronalen Flash Tense Plus® noticeably lifts and smoothes the skin. Collagen provides an intense moisturising effect, improving the skin's elasticity and leaving it more supple. Wrinkles become shallower and less visible. Facial features are visibly rejuvenated.

Thoroughly cleanse the skin, and apply the mask uniformly. Leave for 15 minutes. Remove the mask in one piece. Recommended for use during menopause or after a sudden loss of skin firmness.

Active ingredients:

  • Dragon's blood
  • Bio-silicon
  • Pronalen Flash Tense Plus®
  • Collagen
  • Inulin

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