Podologic Herbal

Intensively softening feet foam

  • pojemność: 165 ml
  • obszar: foot
  • rodzaj skóry: dry, coarse, corny skin
  • działanie: softens, antibacterial
  • wiek: without limits
  • Opis
  • Sposób użycia
  • Składniki

Indication: dry, coarse and corny foot skin. Local softening of feet before the podologic treatment or pedicure.

Effect: effectively softens the epidermis, corns and calluses. Shows antibacterial effects.

Apply the preparation to places covered by corny skin. After about 5 minutes, the excess of cornified epidermis should be removed. Application of this preparation in case of persons suffering from diabetes should not be longer than 3 minutes.

Active ingredients:

  • biosulphur
  • urea (30%)
  • sage extract
  • inulin

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