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Hypoallergic ointment on cracked feet

  • pojemność: 75 ml
  • obszar: foot
  • rodzaj skóry: corny, coarse and cracked skin
  • działanie: softens, smoothens, restores the lost elasticity
  • wiek: without limits
  • Opis
  • Sposób użycia
  • Składniki

Indication: excessively corny, coarse and cracked skin.

Effect: alleviates skin irritation and coarseness, stimulates the processes of micro injury healing, Effectively softens and smoothens, restores the lost elasticity of the skin, prevents recurrence of cracking.

Massage into cleansed and dry skin. Leave until absorbed. To strengthen the Effect, use occlusion compress. The ointment is also recommended for coarse and cracked skin of hands, elbows and knees as well as in prevention of diabetic foot.

Active ingredients:

  • hypoallergic lanolin
  • vitamin F
  • canola oil
  • alantoin

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