LOMI LOMI NUI Polynesian relaxation ritual

Treatments for body

Soft and respectful touch relaxes the body and the mind. The ritual, when combined with the therapeutic power of natural active ingredients, ensures noticeable effects and unusual emotions. Passion fruit extract prevents skin irritation, while moisturising and regenerating the skin. Noni extract is a natural antioxidant, it nourishes the skin with essential amino acids, vitamins and microelements. Macadamia oil contains lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids and natural UV filters, which protect the skin against premature ageing. It prevents the loss of suppleness and the reduction in the regenerative ability of the skin. Perfectly softens the skin, providing it with elasticity and a velvety smoothness. Almond oil is rich in phytosterols, proteins, mineral salts, vitamins B and both vitamins A and E. It effectively prevents the skin from sagging, while softening, smoothing and nourishing it as well as soothing away any irritation. Hydromanil® intensively moisturises the skin, providing it with lasting silky smoothness and the feel of cashmere. The sensuous aroma of ylang-ylang provides the essence of serenity and relaxation. The ritual wraps the skin in a radiant glow and tempts you with particles of gold in the gleam of candles and the sun.

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  • dry skin,
  • excessive adipose tissue,
  • loss of skin firmness as a consequence of ageing or sudden weight loss,
  • skin regeneration after solar exposure,
  • tension resulting from stress,
  • hypoxic, tired skin requiring relaxation.


  • intense skin moisturisation and regeneration,
  • slimming and shape remodeling through the stimulation of lipolysis and inhibition of lipogenesis,
  • strengthening firmness and elasticity,
  • improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation,
  • removing emotional tension from the body and the mind,
  • deep relaxation,
  • radiance-enhancing particles underline the suntan.

Active ingredients featured in the product line:

the LIPOREDUCTYL® complex: GHK tripeptide, L-carnitine, caffeine, ivy extract, butcher’s broom extract; Hydromanil®, Noni extract, water lily extract, Shea butter, Passion fruit extract, macadamia oil, almond oil, vitamin E, natural sugar and poppy particles, Inulin.

Step 1: Deep cleansing

Apply the Poppy Seed Body Scrub to the whole body or to the treated body areas. Perform a short massage using circular movements, particularly including areas that require enhanced slimming treatment. Moisten your hands and massage the areas again. Wash off the scrub or remove it by the use of a moist cosmetic compress.

Step 2: Saturate the skin with a wealth of active ingredients

Apply the slimming serum, using your hands or cosmetic brushes, to problematic body areas requiring lipo-reduction. You may massage the serum in manually, or by ultrasound, occlusive film or thermal blanket. Remove the film after 25 minutes. Remove any excess of the serum with a cosmetic compress.

Step 3: Massage and relaxation

Perform a massage with warm MACADAMIA & YLANG YLANG Massage Oil. Use your forearms and hands, making smooth, rhythmic and intuitive movements that can be compared to gentle waves stroking the body, which definitely allows the customer to relax. The massage should release the emotional energy collected in muscular tension, which helps to stabilise the nervous system, restoring inner peace, optimism, cheerfulness, joy of life and the energy to act.

Step 4: Care

Apply the Passion Fruit Body Lotion to the entire body. Leave it on the skin to absorb; do not wash off.

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