ALGAE MASK Nourishing mask

Indication: dehydrated skin, flaky, grey, poorly oxygenated and tired   Effects: intense nourishment and hydration restored firmness and flexibility brightened skin with improved appearance and condition.  

ALGAE MASK lifting mask

Indication: all types of mature skin with visible signs of ageing – loss of flexibility, firmness and wrinkles.   Effects: smoothed, firmed and more flexible skin, optimally hydrated, immediate improvement of appearance and condition of skin.  


Indication: dry skin   Effects: immediate moisturising and regeneration, visible smoothing and improvement of skin elasticity, protection against water loss from the skin, visible improvement of skin appearance and condition.  


Indication: capillary skin, sensitive and irritated skin.   Effects: immediate alleviation of irritations, reduced skin redness, strengthening of capillary vessels, optimum hydration, improvement of skin condition and appearance.  

Algae capillary repair mask

Indication: sensitive and capillary complexions. Recommended for skin with erythema, with a risk of developing acne rosacea. Effect: strengthens the integrity and elasticity of blood vessels, contracting them visibly. Assures maximum skin hydration. Efficiently soothes and calms any irritation or reddening. Improves the suppleness of the skin. Neutralizes free radicals.

Facial masks

Algae are a real gift from the seas and oceans. They contain valuable ingredients that have been used for millennia. Celtic women also used the regenerative properties of preparations containing algae. These days, algae in cosmetic products provide our skin with: vitamins B, E and C, amino acids, proteins, lipids and microelements. They demonstrate the […]

For cosmetic equipment

The serum and ultrasound gels in the TECHNOLOGY line are products with the highest concentrations of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, Hydromanil®, amber extract, coenzyme Q10, algae extract, collagen, D-panthenol, lecithin, silk proteins, argan oil, aronia, arnica, vitamin C, complex of lingonberry, lemon and Ruscus extracts, Aesculus extract, kiwi extract, white truffle extract, microcollagen, […]

For make-up removal and cleansing

The aim of the products in this category is to precisely cleanse the skin and ensure ideal conditions for cosmetic treatments. The CRYSTAL CLEANSING line, rich in algae extracts, mountain crystal, Canola oil, Jojoba oil, soapwort extract, water lily extract, Aloe vera extract, D-panthenol and Inulin, is intended for all skin types, especially dry and […]